“One of the most amazing courses by Master Mas and not to be missed”
                    “Qi is carried by the wind and stops at the boundary of water”
*****Highly Recommended
Advanced City Landform                   "巒頭無假,理氣無真" “Luan-Tou Wu Jia, Li-Qi Wu Zhen.”
                                                                                                      “Landform does not lie, formula (Li Qi) does not necessarily tell the truth.”

Whatever Feng Shui system you are practicing, this comprehensive course is the only landform course you will need to practice residential or business Feng Shui. To study city landforms you need to understand the fundamental concept of qi and how it is carried or dispersed by “Feng” and “Shui”. We will revisit ancient landform principles and theories based on the authentic classical Feng Shui teachings, books, texts and manuscripts combined with Master Mas’s new revelations and fresh insight resulting from decades of thorough research and study.

In this signature course you will gain a new insight and an in-depth knowledge of the concepts of Luan Tou applied to city landforms and acquire practical skills to enhance the flow of qi in your urban living and working spaces. The main focus is to study the external and internal urban landforms to evaluate the flow of qi, its retention and how to effectively utilize it to obtain most benefits. While the landform principles and theories are similar to that of macro or greater Luan Tou landform study, the intricacies of angles, shapes, forms, locations, curvatures, bridges, roads, and many other forms and structures found within an urban landscape are evaluated and discussed in detail. You will learn that the 8 trigram landforms are not just about the "Five Elements" nor the "9 Star Big Dipper" mountain forms. In addition, you will learn that the right conditions, T-junctions, curves and wind gaps can yield the best Feng Shui results. Be prepared to be amazed!

This course will help you pinpoint the most beneficial business and residential locations and it will improve your Feng Shui audit results. Remember that NO flying stars application is complete without landform.

Course Duration: 4 days of combined classroom and outdoor study
Pre-requisite: Feng Shui Practitioner's Certificate Course