Advanced Dynamic Ba Zi (八字) Part II- Four Pillars of Destiny

This unique course will guide you to a much deeper understanding of the multifaceted dynamic relationships of the earthly branches and heavenly stems so that you can extract insightful meanings and perform a much better analysis. You will learn that the 8 characters of the 4 Pillars are not static and that they actually play a political game with each other. We will also explain why sometimes the desired effects are not there in spite of the existence of all the necessary elements. In addition you will learn several special techniques on how to read the real characteristics of a person on the subconscious level. Under some conditions and situations the 8 characters turn from good to bad and vice versa – you will study this by using Master Mas’s unique dynamic and political game analysis method.

Once you have completed this outstanding Ba Zi course, you will be in an excellent position to guide other people in matters concerning their relationships, marriage, health, careers, children and other equally important facets of their lives.

Special Edition only: Rarely ever taught, he will reveal the secret of the “Five Element’s Temper”.
Duration: 4 days of intensive learning
Pre-requisite: Dynamic Ba Zi Part 1 Course is highly recommended or equivalent.