Feng Shui Practitioner's Certificate Course

It will take 6 days of intensive classroom and practical studies to jump-start your brilliant Feng Shui career. Master Mas will show you his successful methods that gained him global reputation in using the “Cosmic Trinity” of heaven-man-earth to achieve observable results without the need to buy expensive symbolic objects.

In order to work efficiently with real energy, he has put together easy to follow step-by-step Feng Shui application techniques that will enable you to Feng Shui your house and troubleshoot Feng Shui problems. You will learn easy to use formulas how to systematically incorporate heaven and earth Qi to give optimum benefits to occupants. These easy, simple but highly effective techniques are unique to our school in that they are the result of Master Mas’s passionate dedication to Feng Shui research and education.

When you complete the course and implement this ancient wisdom in your own home, the real value of your Feng Shui Certificate will materialize when you, your family and friends experience harmony, vitality and prosperity, the true essence of real Feng Shui.

"Qi is carried by the wind and stops at the boundary of water"

Duration: 6 days of intensive learning and practical study
Pre-requisite: This course is designed for absolute beginners and for those who want to clarify their confusion and strengthen their foundation knowledge of Feng Shui.
Method: Lectures, group presentations, site visits and practical audits.
Pre-reading: As soon as we confirm your registration, we will send you materials to study before the course starts. Registered students are highly encouraged to do the required reading to get the most out of the course.