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Feng Shui Mastery Diploma Programme

This is the Feng Shui Master "BOOTCAMP"! It will take a full week of intensive learning and skills development to complete this unique internship programme with Master Mas. You will combine ALL master level theories and application techniques to harmonize the entire "Cosmic Trinity of Tien-Ren-Di".

You will be trained using Master Mas's unique methods and receive professional advice and even challenges to expand your understanding in harmonizing the Qi of Heaven-Man-Earth to a higher level. Whether it is for residential or commercial development, you will have hands-on opportunities to audit small and large scale projects that will start from choosing the location of the building within the property and to ground breaking all the way to the move-in and grand opening day.

Get ready NOW for the most unique Feng Shui Diploma Graduate Course! Complete ALL the pre-requisites  soon so that you can have this unique experience to apprentice and practice Feng Shui in advanced mastery level with Master Mas.

FSM Diploma Programme Required Courses

Feng Shui Practitioner's Certificate Course | I Ching Flying Stars Feng Shui | Advanced XKDG Date Selection |  Advanced City Landform | Dynamic Ba Zi Part I (or equivalent) | 

FSM Diploma Programme Elective Courses (2 elective courses required)

Yin Feng Shui | Travel Study Programme (Luan Tou) | Zi Wei Dou Shu | Qi Men Dun Jia (64 Hexagrams) | Yi Jing | Face Reading | Palm Reading | Xuan Kong Liu Fa