Feng Shui Masterclass Practitioner Courses
About the FS Maasterclass Practitioner Courses

All FSA Feng Shui Masterclass Practitioner Courses are complete and comprehensive. They are designed and developed by Master Mas himself in order to enable his students to gain an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the principles and theories of Feng Shui as well as the essential practical skills necessary to practice Feng Shui and provide solutions to complex urban Feng Shui situations. Our unique internship-style programs offer students a chance to learn directly from the Master himself, in the same way our predecessors once did.

Who should take our FSM Practitioner Courses?

The courses we offer are suitable for the Feng Shui novices as well as the professional Feng Shui practitioners awho wish to aadvance or take their Feng Shui skills to a master level. The courses will provide students with a solid understanding of the principles and theories of Feng Shui, a thorough working knowledge of the “Form School” & “Compass School” based on San Yuan Feng Shui and the essential practical skills required by the modern Feng Shui practitioners.

Master Mas claims, based on his teaching experience, that the first minute a student comes into his class, all the Feng Shui principles he has learnt in the past become alive and he then proceeds to clarify them through his scientific method with its origins in the I Ching text. Master Mas strongly advocates a greater understanding of this body of knowledge.

[All courses offered by the Feng Shui Academy are subject to change without further notice.]
FSA- Masterclass Practitioner Courses

Advanced Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection | Advanced Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui | Advanced Xuan Kong Flying Stars |Dynamic Ba Zi Four Pillars of Destiny | Advanced City Landform | Practical with Master Mas- Commercial Audit | Practical with Master Mas- Residential Audit | FSA Masterclass Diploma Graduate Course
What makes us unique and different from other schools?

* Our teachings are unique in that they are the outcome of Master Mas’s substantial years of research and study from world renowned Masters

* Contains fresh and inspired understanding of the Feng Shui concepts based on the classical texts and manuscripts

* Promotes discussion and explanation of the roots of Feng Shui principles and theories

* Explains every subject based on scientific methods which is how the ancient Masters created the Feng Shui theories

* Promotes research based practice and on-going research

* Promotes learning from different Feng Shui Masters and other valuable resources

* We practice real authentic Feng Shui that is practical and result oriented

* We practice authentic Feng Shui systems based on the "Cosmic Trinity" or Tien Di Ren