“One of the most awaited courses by Master Mas”
Practical with Master Mas Residential or Commercial Audit

This is a unique opportunity to follow Master Mas while doing commercial or residential audits. In this internship-style program the students will be able to apply all the principles, theories and practical skills learned from previous courses offered by our school. You will perform audits with Master Mas and he will personally guide you to independently perform audits of some properties. We will present various case studies so that you will learn different techniques in resolving complex Feng Shui problems facing modern Feng Shui practitioners.

In this advanced FS Masterclass, you are expected to comprehensively apply XKDG Date Selection, XKDG Feng Shui, Advanced XK Fei Xing and Advanced City Landform in building, renovating or moving into a house, selecting a new business location or opening or moving your business, etc. Those of you who have learned BaZi and other forms of divination are encouraged to use them during audits. You will also do measurements using satellite maps, sighting compass or "Sunny" sundial compass. Since our school advocates the use of Master Mas's software applications, we strongly encourage you to bring along your PDA. This special course has limited seats so please book your place as soon as possible!
“experience the true essence of Feng Shui”
Duration: Each is a 4 day course of combined classroom and practical study
Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Advanced XKDG Date Selection, XKDG 64 Hexagram Feng Shui, Advanced Xuan Kong Flying Stars, Advanced City Landform. Recommended: Advanced Dynamic Ba Zi