Advanced Xuan Kong Da Gua 64 Hexagram Feng Shui

Every serious Feng Shui practitioner should know Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui as it is considered as the "jewel" and the most complete system of Feng Shui. Claimed to be the most guarded secret knowledge in the study of Chinese metaphysics it is known to hold the secret key to unlock and release the treasure of San Yuan Feng Shui.

To begin to appreciate the intricate and potent knowledge of Xuan Kong Da Gua and to decipher the hidden meanings within, we need to gain a deeper insight into the foundation and source of the principles and theories that are hidden within the nucleus of Tao, of Wu Ji. As pure as it is powerful, you will learn in detail the Early Heaven and Later Leaven trigrams and discover the 64 hexagrams and 384 yaos and their transformations, families, kinships and relationships. These hexagrams also have corresponding Ai Xing and Gua Yun numbers to help us measure the earth qi and determine the factor of time. We will highlight some discrepancies in the old texts and show you the applications used by the old Masters. You will also learn the concepts and theories of direct/indirect spirit, determining the year of happening, type of event that can possibly happen and who gets affected the most and applications to the accuracy of 0.9375° yao and much more.

The main focus is for the students to learn the advanced applications and Master Mas's special techniques to fine tune and enhance Feng Shui audits using the 64 hexagrams in a Luopan. You will learn simple yet effective application techniques for both internal and external areas, suitable for residential and commercial properties.
“experience the true essence of Feng Shui”
Duration: 4 days of intensive study
Pre-requisite: Feng Shui Foundation Course