exclusive techniques by Master Mas
How to make the powerful San Sha work for you!

Advanced Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection ( 玄空大卦择日法)

Learn the key to some of the most guarded secrets in Chinese Feng Shui! This is by no means your ordinary Date Selection course.

To begin to understand the complex and powerful knowledge of Xuan Kong Da Gua and to decipher the hidden meanings within, you need to gain a deeper insight into the origin and root of the principles and theories that are hidden within the core of Tao. As pure as it is powerful, you will learn in detail the EH and LH trigrams and discover the 64 hexagrams and 384 yaos and their transformations, families, kinships and relationships. You will learn about the combinations and clashes from the San He time principles and how to calculate the yearly, monthly, daily and hourly afflictions like the San Sha, Wu Huang and Tai Sui. You will also learn how to convert all times to “True Solar Time” and the Jia Zi dates, house facings and birthdates to hexagrams with corresponding Ai Xing and Gua Yun numbers.

To comprehend all this information, you will learn advanced applications and techniques by combining the essential elements of the cosmic trinity taught in this school. In addition, you will learn special techniques that yield faster results by using "clashes". Best of all, you will learn Master Mas’s very special technique called "Fighting the San Sha" claimed to be one of the most powerful applications known in the study of Chinese Feng Shui.

In conclusion, you will learn simple, practical and easy yet powerful ways to incorporate this date selection into your daily professional practice

*****Highly Recommended
Duration: 4 days of intensive study
Pre-requisite: Feng Shui Practitioner's Certificate Course
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