I Ching Flying Stars Feng Shui               Latest Average Rating: 9.5/10

Like no other, in this first ever comprehensive I Ching Flying Stars based on the “I Ching” Bagua, Master Mas will show you his successful methods that gained him global reputation and reveal the most provocative new perspectives on principles, theories, practices and special techniques of I Ching Flying Stars Feng Shui. This course contains clear theoretical differences from the Flying Stars you might have studied in the past although there are some methodological differences.

You will properly analyze the true qualities of every I Ching Flying Star and their combinations by understanding first the correct meaning of the trigram arrangements and the Yin & Yang theory before exploring the missing links of Flying Stars Feng Shui. Trigrams rule! You can expect to learn the innate relationships and accurate applications of the “24 Mountains”, “Flying Stars” and the “Ba Gua”. You will explore and compare the principles and theories of I Ching Flying Stars Feng Shui and “Ba Zhai” and examine in detail the use of Ming Gua, house period, heaven’s heart, death & emptiness lines, the true elemental nature of No.5 and much more. Based on sound principles and theories from the trigrams, you will also verify why some special “Flying Stars Combos” that you may be using are insignificant.

You will be taught to analyze the multi-dimensional layers of the period, annual, monthly and daily charts. Once you master the true significance of special “I Ching Flying Stars” charts and combos, you will learn water placements and special application techniques devoted to improving the quality and flow of qi into your living and working spaces. You cannot finish the course without learning how to properly establish and measure the facing of your house without magnetic interference!


With this step by step analysis of the “I ChingFlying Stars”, you will finish this course with clarity and thorough understanding of I Ching Flying Stars and you will be able to apply these potent concepts with his easy, simple, practical but highly effective techniques to enhance the positive energy. Whether you are an avid enthusiast or a seasoned professional practitioner, the true value of this knowledge is when your family, friends and clients experience the true essence of I Ching Flying Stars Feng Shui.

“experience the true essence of Feng Shui”
Duration: 4 days of intensive learning
Pre-requisite: Feng Shui Practitioner's Ceritficate Course or equivalent